Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cabbage Patch Kids

We took a drive up to Babyland General Hospital last week. Like most girls raised in the 80's I was really into the Cabbage Patch Kids. I always wanted one with red hair. I never got a red headed "baby" (they are not to be called dolls or face the certain wrath of hospital employees) I did have a premie and one of the Cornsilk Kids (fake hair instead of yarn). My mom even made me one. If I recall correctly I threw a fit and wouldn't touch it. I never claimed to be a sweet child. In my defence it did have pink hair. Cakes in front of the newborn nursery. No lost teeth, just a piece of gum.
The coolest part is watching an actually baby be born. After birth the baby is named after kids in the crowd. They are then up for adoption. The dolls, not the actual children:)

All of the babies in the displays are available for adoption.

Of course the only way out is through the gift shop.

After the hospital we drove up to Helen, Ga. The town is set up like a Bavarian Village. We took a carriage ride and the girls were able to feed the horse, Nelly, a carrot afterwards. These pictures pretty much sum up the girls personalities. Cakes is a bit timid and needs lots of encouragement while Bean is right out there.


Larc said...

Very neat, I always wanted to visit Babyland General. How big is it? Isn't it in cleveland ga? Also there are tons of Cabbage Patch Kids coloring pages, dolls, and DVDs over at if anyone is interested.

BOWquet said...

That's awesome! I will have to take my daughter there someday! :o)

Sweet, Sassy, and Always Classy said...

I left you something on my blog :)