Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lazy Days

It's almost 3 pm and I'm still in my p.j.s. I would still be in bed but for some reason my children seem to think food is a requirement. Silly babies. Not much new has been going on here. I feel like we are just killing time. Anyone else ever feel that way?
I am not an outdoorsy type person. As in I don't even like to be in the backyard. I did feel bad yesterday when Miss A wanted to go outside and play. Not bad enough to actually experience the fresh air mind you. More like the kind of quilt you feel when you buy a new pair of shoes. You know you don't need them, but also know they're not going back to the store. She even tried to get Miss L out there. L flatly refused (I knew I liked her). We ended up playing Barbies instead. Which while still painful after about 5 min was infinitely better then dirt and sunshine (don't worry, I take my vit D). I did realize that many of my fashion choices may have been influenced by my doll's clothing. Not the 80's rocker stuff of course, but many of my old Barbie clothes are CUTE. Strapless black lace cocktail dress, would kill for that in my size. Well 2 sizes smaller. That's a whole different post. So maybe the dolls you play with do shape your personality. If so, those Bratz playing kids are in for a rough ride. Note to self, spring for the tastefull American Girl dolls.

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